Comedian Gary Owen Won’t Allow Mo’Nique To “Slander Friends”


Comedienne and actress Mo’Nique is putting her business deals on front street since she called for a Netflix boycott over receiving significantly less for a Netflix special than her counterparts Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle. The fire under her fury is now turned to film producer Will Packer, claiming he tried to “ruin her character.” Think Like A Man actor Gary Owen is fed up.

Owen uploaded a video of himself Monday (Feb. 6) on Instagram defending Packer. He suggests Mo’Nique start with the woman in the mirror if she wants things to change.

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“Will Packer [has] done more for black actors and actresses then just about anybody in the last 10 years,” he says in the video. “He’s basically showing Hollywood that black movies have a mainstream market.”

Owen’s agitation comes days after Mo’Nique posted a chain of screenshot emails between Packer and Sidney, her dual-role husband and manager, as a rebuttal to reporter Jawn Murray.

According to BET, Murray received forwarded emails from Packer and read them in a video he shared with the internet, concluding Mo’Nique burned all her bridges in Hollywood and she has her manager/husband to thank.

“There’s a reporter named Jawn Murray who read an email that he received from a producer by the name of William Packer that he sent to my husband, Sidney, who is also my manager,” Mo’Nique said in the video. “What they did not do is send the rest of the emails. So, we want to post the thread of the emails so you get a chance to see the behind the scenes of how a producer tried to intimidate, bully and ruin someone’s character.”

Jada Pinkett Smith, among other celebrities, have given Mo’Nique their support.