HurtBae Returns With Ex-Boyfriend To Air Out The Rest Of Their Dirty Laundry


One year ago, online site Hey Iris dropped a video that instantly went viral. The video followed a cringe-worthy conversation between a couple as they attempted to sort through their issues and see where the relationship had fallen apart. By the end of the video, many fans had painted the guy as a villain and dubbed the girl “HurtBae.” But now, one year after they became Internet sensations, the two have returned to Hey Iris’ studio to revisit their “broken” relationship and air out more of their personal business.

The 7-minute video is just as awkward and forced as the previous, but still so intriguing that you have to watch. HurtBae, whose real name is Kourtney, sits across from her ex, Leonard in the same format as before as they revisit their past mistakes.  According to the two, life after the video has been great. Kourtney made advances in her career and Leonard has been “drinking more water, exfoliating.” “I like to learn my lessons the hard way,” he said.

While the video helped them professionally, both agreed that it painted them in a negative light. “I think they took away that I was a damsel in distress and he was a villain, and it wasn’t that cut and dry. We both are human, and we both make mistakes,” Kourtney stated. Leonard also chimed in: “People feel like they know the whole story of our relationship from watching a 5-minute video, which is just absurd and kind of makes me seem like  bad person, which I’m not.”

The conversation then took a turn for the worst once the two delved into the heart of their relationship. According to Leonard, Kourtney was hanging on for no reason. “You still wanted to be with me after I didn’t want to be with you,” he said. “Did I? What are you talking about,” she questioned.

And it didn’t stop there. After Leonard declared that the couple were never exclusive, he also suggested that his decision to do the video with her was simply for publicity. “We did this to get exposure as entertainers,” he confessed. “It was obviously a set up for me because I was the one who was going to be painted as a cheater… We were never together.” Kourtney then stormed off the set.

At the video’s conclusion, the two were able to come together and mutually wipe their hands clean of each other. But it’s safe to say, these two probably need to cease all forms of communication going forward, even if it is for exposure. Check out the full video on Hey Iris below.



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