Premiere: J.Sirus Embraces His Hard Knock Life On New Song, “Back In Yonkers” (Video)

The West Coast hip-hop scene is on a wave right now. And there’s also a pack of hungry wolves on the Left Coast who are looking to take their talents to the next level.

Enter 24-year-old Sacremento-born MC, J.Sirus. The Galt, Calif.–bred has released new visuals to his school of hard knocks record dubbed, “Back in Yonkers.” In the Yoshi-directed music video, Sirus details an ugly, yet beautiful, story of grinding from ground zero. Over a simple backdrop led by kicks and snares, Sirus delves into his trials of dropping out of school, death of family members and broken homes.

“Like, I woke up, fuck it, I’m alone/A two day dropout, I ain’t never fuck with Sallie Mae/Like, I gotta get this on my own/We on a roll, my brother dying in alleyway/Like, I gotta fix this broken home,” raps Sirus.

Outside of the fun and trap-influenced sounds that inspires rhymes about popping bottles, flexing dead presidents and other materialistic items, J.Sirus, as well as many others, offer believable experiences about the reality of just getting by, which many of us experience.

The rookie rapper’s gritty and fluid flow compliments the hunger that shines through his verses. Songs like “Mama Said” featuring Young Mezzy, and “Get it Together” featuring Ouida also show that Sirus has found his pocket of dropping potent reality raps.

Stream the rapper’s 2016 project, Another Friday below and watch the video for “Back in Yonkers” above.