Ja Rule Thought It Was Necessary To Remind 50 Cent His Son Is A Ja Rule Fan

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For Throwback Thursday, Ja Rule thought it was necessary to remind his longtime foe, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson that his oldest son Marquise is a fan of his.

Taking to Instagram Wednesday, (Feb. 14) Rule, real name Jeffrey Atkins, dug up a 2017  Rap Up quote from Marquise in which he spoke about Rule being a major musical influence.

The seemingly petty move comes weeks after their war, which had been dormant for a little more than a decade, was randomly reignited on Twitter.


“Glad I was able to inspire you and your dad,” the 41-year-old captioned, but not before being sure to at the Power actor and executive producer.

The original quote finds Marquise speaking about his own musical aspirations, and the lack of boundaries surrounding artists of today.

“Everything’s evolving,” Marquise said. “I do a little bit of singing and I do a little bit of rapping. Automatically, I would probably fit into that Drake, [Lil] Wayne, Bryson Tiller, or a certain type of lane, right? But as far as I can go back into my mental rolodex, Ja Rule was probably one of the first to do it and I listen to a lot of Ja Rule because of that. So, it’s more like tapping into both. It’s like a history book.”

Rule reportedly took a shot at Fif after the Den of Thieves actor took to Instagram and said Rule’s kids beg him to watch Power. The post has since been deleted, and at the time of this story, 50 Cent hasn’t responded.

BUT, if you know Mr. Jackson like we know Mr. Jackson get your popcorn ready because there will be a response.