‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ Hilariously Remakes Drake’s “God’s Plan” In A 99 Cents Only Store


Drake may only love his bed and his mama, but he also has an obvious soft spot for the people of Miami as he used all of his $1 million “God’s Plan” music video budget to give back to the community. The resulting Karena Evans-directed music video made it very hard to not shed a tear in admiration for rapper’s generosity. In the last five days alone, the video has already racked up 36 million views on YouTube. While everyone may not have $1 million to give away, giving back doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture, as seen by Jimmy Kimmel Live!‘s Guillermo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was so inspired after seeing the Canadian rapper’s video, he decided to make his own version of “God’s Plan”. On Kimmel’s Thursday show (Feb. 22), Kimmel prefaced the video by telling his audience that it isn’t the amount of money that matters, but the thought that counts. “Guillermo was inspired, so he decided to make his own music video where he gives out money,” said Kimmel. “Not as much money, right? Drake gave away a million dollars, but it’s not the amount that matters. It’s the thought that, I think, counts the most.”

The stakes for Guillermo’s video were a wee bit different as he had a budget of $100. Naturally, he decided to go to the place where one can get the most bang for their buck: the 99 cents only store. Per the intro of the video, he notably gave away “almost all” of the budget as well. He even made it rain on a bystander trying to buy a cheap umbrella (generosity knows no bounds). Check out the parody video below.