Kanye West Returns To Instagram After Lengthy Social Media Hiatus

In May 2016, Kanye West deleted all of his social media accounts, causing his fans to run around trying to figure out the meaning behind the sudden disappearance. We know that Kanye is impromptu like that- like the time he uploaded 99 photos to the ‘gram after canceling a show. There were days of hoping that he was just pranking everyone, but sadly, the deleted pages were the real deal. However, it looks like Yeezy is back after nine long months.

The rapper took to his page for a captionless Valentine’s Day post, featuring the words “Happy Valentine’s Day Babe” written on a piece of paper. The message is likely for his wife and mother of his three children, Kim Kardashian. The two began dating in 2012, and have been married since 2014.

Signs reveal that he may have predicted his relationship with the socialite. Late last year, Diplo told TBS’ Storyville that he recalls Kanye manifesting moments in his life before they happened.

“Guys, I’m going to marry Kim Kardashian,” the producer recalls Yeezy saying. “I’m going to be president one day. And I’m going to be a fashion designer.”

After his minimalistic Valentine’s Day-themed card, he posted several pictures of pop-culture’s most memorable couples, including Cindy Crawford and Richard Gere, Barack and Michelle Obama, Aaliyah and Tupac, and Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt. If you haven’t yet, check out some of Kanye’s posts on his IG page.

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