Kemba Puts His Bronx Stamp On JME’s “No You Aint”

Kemba is known for stepping outside the box with his music, but this time he’s overstepping all boundaries. The Bronx native recently decided to test the waters across the pond and dove into the UK’s Grime scene to cook up a jam based on JME’s latest hit “No You Ain’t.”

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“I’ve been livin’ in Hunts Point since ’99/Got jumped on Spofford and Bryant,” Kemba rhymes. Then woke up to them shot down like “rise and shine”/I ain’t wish it but God is God Niggas dyin’ on either side off shots fired.”

Kemba spits flames while JME holds down his infectious chorus. Regardless of what the masses think, the spitta already has the seal of approval from JME himself. Once the remix reached his ears, the Boy Better Know CEO praised Kemba on Twitter.

Listen to Kemba’s remix of JME’s “No You Ain’t” below.