A Fan Tried To Crash Keyshia Cole’s Set On Stage, & Literally Got Thrown Off

If you ever thought about crashing a Keyshia Cole concert and jumping on stage during her performance, think again. One fan attempted to hop on stage while the singer was performing and was aggressively thrown off the platform.

Cole didn’t do the booting. In a fan video taken from the venue, the singer was seen strutting from one of the stage to another when a dude in a hoodie hopped the barricade to join her. The unidentified male attempted to grab the mic from Cole, before a bouncer came on stage and pushed him away from her. The bouncer then proceeded to shove the guy to the opposite end of the stage, before throwing him off. In the fan video, viewers can see the guy falling a couple feet on his side.

Keyshia isn’t the only artist who’s dealt with overzealous fans. Other hip-hop artists have also been caught up in similar incidents where fans either crashed the stage or were injured as a result of random acts.

It’s unclear whether the man was injured, but it definitely looks like it hurt a bit. This is definitely a reminder to other Keyshia Cole fans who are contemplating crashing her set. Don’t hop on stage unless you’re fully prepared to get hurled off of it by a husky bouncer.

Check out the video of the man being thrown from the stage in the video below.