Cav-Turned-Celtic, Kyrie Irving, Weighs In On Controversial Trades

After watching the Cleveland Cavaliers make more shakes than Kelis on a fault line, it has been hard to suppress social media’s reaction to the timing and magnitude of Thursday’s trades (Feb. 8). And while many NBA players have been the target of trolls, none – outside of LeBron James, of course – generated more fire tweets than former Cavalier standout, Kyrie Irving.

The Cavs’ point guard, Irving sunk arguably the most clutch three-pointer in history, lifting Cleveland to its first NBA championship. Yet, despite this, in 2017 Kyrie was traded to the Boston Celtics for guard Isiah Thomas. This, combined with Thomas being part of the cavalry the Cavs unloaded yesterday, created an interesting conversation around Irving’s thoughts on the moves of his former team.

And although Twitter put its own hilarious spin on this inquiry, after putting up 28 points in a win against the Washington Wizards, the leader of the first seated team in the East gave his official sentiments about the Cavs trades.

“I’m in Boston.”

This response paired with the success of the Celtics after taking an early blow during the first game of the season, speaks to the same mindset the Cavaliers seem to have. In the NBA, where a half of a game can change your season, everyone must be locked into their own game plan. That means blocking out distractions and doing whatever it takes to win. Even if that leads to one trading their own BFF.