Nas Fans Might Hate LaVar Ball After His “Hate Me Now” Rendition On ‘Lip Sync Battle’

LaVar Ball of Big Baller Brand isn’t afraid to use his big-baller-brand mouth. In between demanding the NBA to sign all three of his sons, Ball challenged his son, Lonzo, to a lip-syncing battle and it’s equally entertaining as it is cringe-worthy.

Ball appeared on Paramount’s Lip Sync Battle Instagram account, boisterously bragging about his “big-ballerized” performance.

“Last time I did something like this, I was in high school. Now 30 years later, I get to come back and give it to ‘em raw,” he booms. “So you better be ready for what you’re doing man because you’re coming up against a monster. Imma forget you my son, and go in hard.”

@Lavar with a message for #LipSyncBattle viewers.

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While Lonzo pulled out all the stops for his “Bad and Boujee” performance, Ball ironically picks the classic Nas track, “Hate Me Now.” In a preview of Thursday’s episode of Lip Sync Battle (Feb. 14), he brings that same energy from behind the curtain on the stage, but his Nas impersonation could use a little work. He appears to not know all the words, a fitted cap or beanie doesn’t sit atop his head and where’s his Timbs?

Still, Ball is entertaining to watch as he clomps up and down the stage. Lip Sync Battle airs Thursday nights at 10 p.m. EST on Paramount Network. Check out the preview below.