Lexy Panterra Brought Her "So Good" Vibes To Times Square

Lexy hit the stage in NYC during grammy week 2018. 

Songster Lexy Panterra closed out Grammy week with a show and prove moment at Times Square's W Hotel Living Room Bar. Music aficionados flooded into the Ciroc vodka, and DeLeón tequila-sponsored event, while Panterra readied herself behind the scenes.

As the founder of the LexTwerkOut movement, she has amassed over 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube. And, Panterra gains as many as 96 million views on a single video --- but the millennial mogul has more aptitude than meets the surface. She was recently signed to Dre London Entertainment, also, management of Hot 100 lister, Post Malone. Not to mention, 2017 featured some impressive breakthroughs of her own.

Lexy's dancehall inspired single, "So Good," hit Billboard's Emerging Artists chart, and peaked at number two on the Hot Singles Sales chart, too. But, the singer's virally successful tune, "Deep End," is already at 5 million streams and counting on Spotify. The spin of its EDM bassline made the show-goers dance before DJ Whoo Kid stepped up to introduce the rising star.

Panterra appeared under the spotlight fashionable as ever. She donned an off-the-shoulder tummy bearing pinstriped top, matching trousers and black Christian Louboutin pumps. Her guitarist caught attendees by surprise, as the upbeat vocalist is not known for acoustic sets.

"This is my first performance in seven or eight months. I'm excited. Let's roll," she exclaimed. The NYC debut of the unreleased anti-love earworm, "End Of The Week," served Panterra well. With memorable stage presence, her co-written situationship anthem left spectators all ears to her solid vocals. Another forthcoming track, "Playlist," lyrically represented the crooner's manifestations all the radio hits she is on the verge of getting RIAA certified.

Still, the evening's most-lively moment was when Panterra showcased a fingerboard strummed rendition of the Demarco-featured breakthrough single, "So Good." She cheered, "This is available on [streaming platforms]. I just want to say; I hit Billboard this past year!" She got off her chair to dance, and the audience followed suit. Singing, "It's so good/ You love it when I wind it up/ When you wind for me/ Wind for me, baby/ It's so good/ You love it when I back it up," screams pervaded.

Promises of quality music and affluence ring true for Lexy Panterra. The Californian bombshell's showcase captivated her Grammy party devotees. And, her team's announcement of an upcoming role in a (Mar. 2018) "badass" Warner Bros. film got the venue buzzing.

Let's see what the Jane of all trades champions next.

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New Music: Billi Phene Drops 'Love Crimes' Off Of Forthcoming EP

Billi Phene started as a background singer for Rihanna, but since then, she has emerged as a solo entity who is read to take the world by storm on her own accord.

The Bronx-born singer and songwriter recently released her first single off of her forthcoming EP, which is expected to drop in the summer. "Birthed from the ashes of an explosive breakup, 'Love Crimes' is an unapologetic declaration," says a press release for the song, which became available on streaming services Friday, Jan. 11. "Envisioned as an interrogation room confession, it tells the story of emotional self sacrifice."

The artist, who cites her influences as David Bowie, Bjork, Beyonce and Lady Gaga as some of her influences, says that she's always trying to push the envelope. Her lyrics range from mysterious to dangerous to playing with the boundaries of sex.

“I’m always down for edgier soundscapes," she continues. "It’s the story of being nonconformist, and not fitting into any pigeon hole that seems to inform my lyrics and musical choices. It comes from my truest self. Maybe my music can encourage others to do the same...to be different, to be honest with themselves for once.”

Listen to "Love Crimes" below.

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Footage Reveals That R. Kelly Was Aware Of Aaliyah's Age, Contrary To Lawyer's Statement

An old video has resurfaced which showcases that R. Kelly was aware of Aaliyah's age when they married in 1994. The documentary-style interview demonstrates the R&B singer in the studio with a then 14-year-old Aaliyah while they worked on her debut album Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number, Okayplayer reports.

“Right now I’m producing a very talented young lady, she’s 14. Aaliyah, she’s real street,” he said, continuing to give her directions on how she should hit her notes on the track’s production.

Amid the blatant evidence, Kelly’s lawyer Steven Greenberg recently said that the 52-year-old singer did not know Aaliyah's real age at the time of their marriage. Greenberg also said that Aaliyah allegedly lied about her age in order to get married.

“..My understanding is that she did not claim to be 15. And in order to get married she had to lie about her age,” Greenberg said on Good Morning America. However, he confirmed the two were married. In 1994, VIBE published Kelly and Aaliyah’s marriage certificate in a cover story documenting their union. An excerpt from journalist Danyel Smith reads:

"Then there’s the story that says Aaliyah is supposedly 19, and none of this is as scandalous as folks would like to make it. There is, after all, an Illinois marriage license dated August 31, for Robert S. Kelly and Aaliyah D. Haughton, which lists their respective ages as 27 and 18,” Smith writes. “(Of course, the marriage would be null and void if the ages are not legit.) The only problem is, while promoting her million-selling Jive Records debut, Age Ain’t Nothin’ but a Number, Aaliyah has been evasive about stating her age. Her official bio says 15, and a record company publicist has said, “We stand behind the bio."

Now, another detail has surfaced in relation to the physical abuse Aaliyah allegedly endured at the hands of Kelly while they were married. Journalist Jim DeRogatis, who's extensively covered Kelly's plight with sexual and physical abuse of women, told The New York Times that he obtained court documents stating physical abuse, BET reports.

“The annulment of the Aaliyah marriage and Aaliyah’s legal claim against him had been sealed in Detroit … they were sealed by the court but those documents were provided to me," he said. “It’s a harrowing document, a non-disclosure agreement on both her part and Kelly’s, vowing not to pursue further legal claims for physical abuse. So it wasn’t just an underage sexual relationship, he hit her, allegedly, according to that court document."

R. Kelly is reportedly under criminal investigation by the state of Georgia since Lifetime aired its docu-series Surviving R.Kelly.  

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Premiere: Jordan Hollywood Goes To War In Visuals For "Explosion"

A war-torn forest reminiscent of 1969’s Vietnam War serves as the perfect backdrop for Jordan Hollywood’s video for “Explosion.” Through a montage of wild greenery, Jordan is seen dodging a rainstorm of fiery explosives. Amid the dangerous scenes, his lyrics tell a variety of sex-induced tales paired with braggadocious bars used to remind his rap contemporaries of his space in the game.

The 25-year-old newcomer, who is signed to Quality Control (Migos, City Girls, Lil Baby, Lil Yachty), centers on having his creative visual artistry merge with his lyrical prowess. For “Explosion,” he wanted to revert back to his old artistic roots.

“I’ve been using the same director, Christian Breslauer, since I was 17,” he told VIBE via email. “He did these war videos back then on a shi**y camera that still looked good. Fast forward to now, we were sitting at his house and I was like, 'Yo, remember those war videos you made back then? Let’s do something like that for “EXPLOSION.'”

The Broward County native credits his label for granting him artistic control to express himself how he deems necessary. He named his latest project FINALLY!  as an ode to feeling like he has creative control, and the agency to pursue his craft.

"I’m signed to the best label in the world, I have full creative control, and I have a platform now," he told Billboard. "Whatever vision I have, I can do it. That’s the best feeling. When I say 'finally,' that’s what I mean. To be an artist, not a lot of artists feel the way I feel. They feel controlled or manipulated by people telling them what to do all the time. With me, I feel like I’m in the perfect space and it’s an unbelievable feeling."

Watch the video for "EXPLOSION" below.

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