Lil Duval Isn’t Sure If Racism Is Prevalent On The West Coast


On the eve of Black History Month (Jan.31), comedian Lil Duval took to Twitter to inform to his 864,000 followers that “everything ain’t about race” and also claimed that racism seemingly doesn’t exist on the West Coast anymore.

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In the tweet, Duval attempts to explain that he doesn’t see the “I dont like you because of yo skin color” racism on the West Coast, that one comparatively would see in the South but does still see classism. In the comment section, Duval even calls the West Coast, mainly California, ten years ahead of the rest of the country.

Naturally, Duval faced backlash from other social media users, however this backlash isn’t new to the star.  Last year the 40 year old comic was under a media firestorm after transphobic comments he made during an interview at The Breakfast Club.

Unfortunately, Duval’s misguided views on racism on the West Coast are false and more importantly California does not comprise the entire West Coast. On Wednesday, it was reported a black man in Seattle, was viciously attacked by a white man for spending the night with his sister.

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When asked why the shift on his viewpoints on race, Duval responded “when u get money u see more and u realize it’s bigger than that”.