Little Miss Flint Raises $16,000 For ‘Black Panther’ Screening

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Ammariyana “Mari” Copeny, known as Little Miss Flint is a known advocate for the people’s rights in her city.

In 2016, Mari met with President Obama after requesting his company to discuss Gov. Rick Snyder’s involvement with the Flint water crisis. The POTUS responded to her letter and met her on a trip to Washington, D.C. Last year, the young philanthropist was active in the promotion of the Climate March, and, later, partnered with the non-profit organization “Pack Your Back” and raised enough money to fill 1,000 bags, then donate another $10,000.

Now Little Miss Flint is back.

Black Panther screening fundraisers have been pretty popular over the last two to three months, representation of black children in media aiding in the urgency of its viewing. Mari thought so, too. The ten-year-old girl raised almost $16,000, helping over 150 local children to see the acclaimed film. For the additional 650 tickets, she distributed payments in gift card form.

Amongst her backers were Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Club and local church groups, MLive reports.

Copeny voiced her stance on the importance of a black superhero and black royalty, saying “You can be your own hero. You can be a superhero.” “Black Panther teaches us that be whoever you want to be, and that especially goes for Flint kids,” she continued.

Children at the event were all given complementary comics featuring POC heroes and letters of empowerment.