Logic Makes A Triumphant Return With “44 More”


After inspiring thousands of lives last year with his international hit “1-800-273-8255,” Logic strikes back on a powerful new track called “44 More.” According to his label, the face of Visionary Music Group revisited his Bobby Tarantino days to deliver a brand new extensive verse filled with nothing but rapid-fire wordplay. Logic kicks off his verse by sparking up some indica then moves on to preach about his recent accomplishments from making $20 million to abolishing his haters.

“I done made 20 million dollars (preach!)
I don’t flex to be acknowledged (preach!)
At this point it’s common knowledge (preach!)
All you haters been abolished (preach!)”

Logic refused to stop there. He continues unleash his speedy bars for another two minutes with no breaks or refrains. He brags about his recent earnings by naming the pop artists that he outsold with his Everybody album last year like Harry Styles and Katy Perry, which he believes is a scary sign of the times. There are plenty of snackable bars to dissect especially his empowering conclusion, which isn’t too hard to understand.

“Check the numbers, I’m a champion
Can’t sleep on the boy anymore, but the haters that love to hate gon’ pop an Ambien
Star Lord, champion
Know the name, now they know the alias, that’s for sure”

Logic gave us 44 bars, and now here’s “44 More.” Listen to them all below.