Louisiana Father Takes Daughter On Adorable Valentine’s Date


Valentine’s Day isn’t all about couples. In fact, many family members decided to proclaim their love in extraordinary ways to each other. Take this Louisiana father who taught his daughter how a lady is supposed to be treated.

Ashley Clark of Shreveport documented daughter Kinsley’s precious date with her father Detric “Dee” Clark on the app Flipagram and uploaded it to Facebook Tuesday (Feb. 14) evening. The night began with Dee gifting his daughter with a blue dress that matched his outfit. He also met greeted her with a rose before they headed out on the town.

Ashley was nearby, secretly documenting the entire thing from start to finish. In the caption, the human resource specialist  wrote about her personal issues regarding her father. She also shared how her husband has taken initiative to be a good father figure to their children. The couple, who was been together since 2011, also has a baby boy.

“I never had the perfect daddy figure in my life,” Ashley wrote. “I saw & heard a lot of things a girl shouldn’t have [seen] or heard from her dad, but one thing for sure is I can honestly say I broke that cycle with my child. Dee Clark decided he would take our princess on a real date and show her how a man is supposed to treat a lady, so when she grows up she will accept nothing less.”

Ashley brilliantly added “Daddy,” Beyonce’s modern ode to fathers, in the video. In addition to being a great dad, Dee is also a fantastic husband. He surprised Ashley at work with three dozens of roses.

Her touching video went viral of course, with a million views and counting. Watch the video, with a box of tissues above.

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