Mahalia Fills Her New Song “Proud of Me” (Feat. Little Simz) With Complete Honesty

Mahalia recently poured some of her deepest thoughts into a new collaboration with Little Simz, “Proud of Me.” As a new artist, the rising vocalist admits she has made some misstakes in her career thus far, but now realizes that everything she goes through is all a part of the bigger picture.

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“I wrote this tune not long before my Birthday last year. It the first time in my short music career that I had stepped out on my own. I stumbled for a while I think… tried to get my priorities straight, writes Mahalia about the song. “But, once I understood that, everything kind of fell in to place. The one thing I have always said that makes me truly happy is knowing that my family, friends and you guys are proud of what I have achieved. I’ve always wanted to work with Little Simz. So, this was crazy for me. She gave me all the extra magic that I needed.”

Listen to “Proud of Me” below.

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