Master P Claims Louisiana Is Ignoring Evidence In Brother’s Murder Case

C-Murder, brother of music mogul, Master P, and founding member of the iconic No Limit record label, is subjecting himself to a hunger strike in a Louisiana State Prison.

In 2009, C-Murder (whose real name is Corey Miller) was sentenced to life without parole for his involvement in the beating and murder of a fan inside of a nightclub in Harvey, Louisiana. Yet, ever since he was first charged with the murder in 2002, Miller has actively pleaded his innocence, which resulted in a litany of appeals and investigations centered around his case. Because of this and his status as a rapper, the family of the victim, Steve Thomas, barred Miller to a gag order that prevented him from publically speaking about the circumstances surrounding the killing of their 16-year-old son.

This order resulted in C-Murder’s family picking up his fight for freedom who has consistently claimed his innocence since Miller was first indicted. The Miller family’s latest cry of innocence came this week, as Master P took to Instagram, confirming that his brother is on a hunger strike at Louisiana’s Angola prison.

In his post, the Ice Cream Man explains that due to the state’s unwillingness to submit camera footage and an alleged confession as evidence, C-Murder is refusing food as a protest.

“The club (has) a camera (that) shows who’s the shooter, and also somebody confessed to the crime,” Master P details through his signature New Orleans accent after thanking the fans who have supported his brother’s non-violent demonstration.

C-Murder is joined in this strike that began last week by other inmates, as  – outside of his ignorance of alleged innocence – Miller and fellow prisoners feel as though Angola breeds inhumane conditions.

The possible injustices that Murder could be facing pull the strings of empathy many can relate to and it resonates in the caption of his brother’s post.

“My brother is no angel and has done a lot of dumb stuff like most,” Master P wrote. “But I love him and I will fight for him to bring awareness to this injustice. You can’t choose your family but you can choose your friends.”