Max B Is Reportedly Set To Be Released From Prison This Year

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In 2009, Max B was reportedly sentenced to 75 years in prison over conspiracy charges pertaining to an armed robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault and felony murder. Seventy-five years definitely seems like a long time, but rumor has it, the rapper may be getting out within the year.

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According to French Montana, Max B is set to be released from prison later in 2018. The “Unforgettable” artist announced the news in a post on Instagram on Jan. 31. “Wavyyyy in the joint! Can’t wait till u get home this year,” French wrote under a photo of the artist. Unfortunately, French did not unveil a specific release date, but “this year” is still a good sign.

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French Montana and Max B have a well-documented relationship. The artist was previously featured on French’s 2017 album, Jungle Rules. But most recently, French spoke to BET about his relationship with the artist to BET. “He’s one person that definitely I learned from, and I feel like he’s one person that’s gifted, probably the most gifted person that I’ve met when it comes to music,” he said. “When he caught his case and the judge gave him 75 years and I was right there with him in the courthouse, he just turned around and looked at me. He took it on the chin like a man. Every time you speak to him, his spirit’s so positive.”

Stay tuned for more information concerning Max’s release. In the meantime check out the throwback photo below.