Atlanta Dancing Duo Meechie & Toosi Are Disrupting Hip-Hop’s Dance Culture With Artistry And Style

Since its inception in the “Boogie Down Bronx,” hip-hop has morphed into an undeniable movement. Although its roots lie in the gritty, head-nodding beats and relatable lyrics of its music, the genre has morphed into the lucrative, multi-generational culture of influence, not only in America but throughout the world.

One act that has been been contributing to hip-hop’s dance culture is none other than the energetic duo, Meechie and Toosi. Hailing from the Southern capital of Atlanta, the multi-talented dancers joined forces as teens and have been an unstoppable force adding lively choreography to new music while exposing their followers to fresh tunes and dope streetwear.

This week, VIBE highlights their individuality in style, music discovery and unfiltered choreography with their newest dance visual to Yung Mal and Lil Quil’s “Phonebook.”


In an interview with VIBE, the duo spoke to how their different dance styles are a combined artistry. Meechie’s craft translates  the lyrics into moves making the music and international language, while Toosi focuses on the engineering of footwork. Visually, their yin-yang style complements classic dance moves into a melting-pot of choreography.


Toosi reveals that Meechie initially reached out to him over social media and they’ve been like “yin-yang” ever since. Meechie was intrigued by Toosi’s style, noting they both dress for being active with an underlying street-style vibe. Meechie says, “My fashion gotta go with my dancing, cause I be moving! If you look good, you feel good, you dance good.”

The dancers wore Reebok Workout Plus sneakers during their dance performance.

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