Meek Mill’s Legal Team Reportedly Files Recusal Motion To Get Judge Off Case

A new legal motion has been filed on Meek Mill’s behalf that calls for Judge Genece Brinkley’s recusal from the rapper’s case. In documents obtained by VIBE, the Philadelphia native’s legal counsel cited multiple instances in which Brinkley reportedly violated judicial discretion and how her hiring of a criminal defense attorney also laid the ground for speculation.

Part of the motion notes that due to the reports published by the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Legal Intelligencer, Brinkley’s attorney, A. Charles Peruto Jr., reportedly made public statements that he viewed the then-sealed in-chambers transcript that the defense expressed interest in through calls to examine that pivotal piece of the case.

“In this interview, Judge Brinkley’s attorney further stated that he had read the February 5, 2016, in-chambers transcript while it was under seal and then advised the Court to release it for the purpose of countering what they viewed as adverse and unfair publicity concerning the Judge,” part of the document outlines. “If so, then the ultimate decision to release the transcript was made (improperly) in an effort by the Judge to “clear her name,” rather than (as it should have been two years ago) in furtherance of Mr. Williams’ constitutional right to receive the transcript in aid of his appeal. Further, if the Judge’s attorney’s statement is accurate, then the Court’s order dated January 26, 2018 directing the court reporter to “forthwith transcribe said notes and post them in the ordinary course,” was misleading insofar as it necessarily implied that no transcript of the February 5, 2016 in-chambers session had theretofore been created.”

According to Mill’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, there’s more information to come concerning his client’s case. “There’s no way this injustice will stand,” Tacopina said, adding, “and the amount of information that’s going to come out on the Meek Mill case and people in the Meek Mill case is going to be absolutely astonishing.”

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