Michael B. Jordan Burns Knowledge To The Ground In HBO’s ‘FAHRENHEIT 451′ Trailer

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With Black Panther still obliterating box offices, Michael B. Jordan, who stars as the film’s vengeful yet relatable villain is striking again while the iron’s hot. Monday afternoon (Feb. 26) HBO released the trailer for FAHRENHEIT 451 starring Jordan and Boardwalk Empire alum and oscar nominee Michael Shannon.

Directed by Ramin Bahrani and adapted from Ray Bradbury’s classic novel with the same name, Jordan plays Montag a young firearm schooled by fire captain Beatty. (Shannon) Under Beatty’s direction, Montag helps keep order, which prohibits free thinking, the burning of books and the destruction of free press.

Yet during the nearly 90 second trailer fans begin to see Jordan’s character fight back against the group thinking he was forced fed in order to live in a world of humanity.  While also stepping behind the camera, Jordan dons an executive producer hat for the HBO film.

Filmed in Toronto, Bahrani said after reading the book recently he thought now was the perfect time for a modern interpretation of the 1953 novel.

“I have always loved Ray Bradbury’s prophetic novel ‘Fahrenheit 451’,” says Bahrani. “Two years ago, as I looked at the world around me, it seemed like the ideal time to do a modern interpretation. I am grateful to HBO for helping me bring my vision of the film to audiences with this incredible cast.”

FAHRENHEIT 451 Premieres On HBO In May