Mo’Nique Responds To Gary Owen’s Comments Defending Will Packer

Comedienne Mo’Nique is still on the warpath in the name of equal pay after reportedly receiving an offer of only $500,000 for a comedy special with streaming service Netflix. A few weeks ago, Mo’Nique called for a boycott of the service after she realized her comedy counterparts received significantly more for their specials.

Since then, the “Queen of Comedy” has been avidly speaking out against people in the industry she feels have not supported her fully. However, things got a little sticky after her husband and manager Sidney Hicks accused movie producer Will Packer of intimidating the actress and trying to ruin her character.

Gary Owen (a.k.a. the only white man invited to the cookout) posted a video to Instagram on Tuesday (Feb. 6) to defend his friend Packer and suggest that if Mo’Nique wants a change, she needs to accept responsibility for her own actions.

“Will Packer [has] done more for black actors and actresses then just about anybody in the last 10 years,” Owen said. “He’s basically showing Hollywood that black movies have a mainstream market.”

In response, Mo’Nique took to Twitter Wednesday (Feb. 7) to demand Owen to “fight as hard for his African-American wife and daughter for the inequalities that they face,” and not just be a spokesperson for people like Packer.

Owen has yet to respond back but hopefully, the duo can put this same energy into the actual issue of women’s pay inequality.