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Mo’Nique Calls Out “Fake” Oprah After “Never Stoop” Comments

It appears that Mo’Nique called Oprah “fake” on Twitter, after the A Wrinkle In Time star spoke to Global Grind about not responding to negativity pointed in her direction from the comedienne.

“My love,” wrote Mo’Nique on Sunday (Feb. 25) to a fan of Oprah’s responding to GG’s tweet regarding the interview. “Fake gold shines too, but it doesn’t change the fact that it will turn your neck green. @Oprah you keep shining.”

As previously reported, Mo’Nique has called out numerous media figures- including Oprah, Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels- and accused them of blackballing her from the industry, claiming they spread rumors that she was difficult to work with. Mo has reportedly had beef with Lady O since a 2010 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

“It’s a law that if you meet negative with negative you will just have a combustive negative force of energy,” she said in response to why she hasn’t clapped back at the Queens Of Comedy star. “It takes just a little bit of light and we are warriors of the light. I would never stoop to try to meet somebody where they are negatively. Don’t care who they are.”

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