Nick Grant Samples Lauryn Hill Classic On “Forever And Always”


Nick Grant has been in the lab working on his forthcoming project Dreaming Out Loud. Today (Feb.27), the Culture Republic artist unleashes a brand new record dubbed, “Forever and Always.”

Over a sick Lauryn Hill-sample, thanks to brooding producing skills of Miltone and DG, Nick Grant exercises his organic cool confidence, wise words and screw-face witticism.

“You gon’ build me up or hold me down, huh/Basquiat flow, I got the crown, huh/I’m that nigga even when I’m out of town, Huh/Selling O’s, can I buy a vowel/I made it and I brought my drug dealing friends,” raps the Atlanta-based MC.

Grant came into the game with the release his ‘88 mixtape back in 2016. Since then, the wordsmith has collaborated with lyrical giants such CyHi tha Prynce and Killer Mike, among others. Following mixtapes ‘88 and A Seat at the Table (Plus One), Nick delivered his debut album, Return of the Cool (Epic/Culture Republic) in January 2017.

In September, Billboard’s Carl Lamarre spoke with the lyricist about meeting JAY Z.

“Man! I walked up to him and you know, I’ve never met him, bro. I don’t get nervous to meet anybody. I’m a man. I’m like a man, at the end of the day. [Laughs] So I was like a kid on the inside when I met dude. He was like, “Yo. You’re special. Keep going. It’s gonna work. The only way you can lose is if you quit. So you’re special. Just keep going.” That was really it. We just talked about life and music. I got something coming up and I was telling him about it. This was a while ago, but we’re getting to it, though. We’re working out the details. It was inspired by him.”

Nick Grant also discussed going on tour with Nas and Lauryn Hill.

Man, that’s amazing. I feel like it’s going to be rough for me the first few nights, just because of the admiration that I have for these people, and I know they’re probably gonna be watching me because I’m on the tour and I’m representing them. It’s gonna be rough for the first few nights, but man, I couldn’t ask for anything better. That’s Nas. That’s Lauryn. These are people saying crazy shit out there, like the ball-playing n—a out there and it’s a lack of research. I feel like a lot of younger people have to do their research for this thing to survive and to not fuck it up for people behind us that’s coming up.

Stream “Forever and Always” below.