Nipsey Hussle Gives Eye-Opening Interview On ‘The Breakfast Club’


Upon the release of his latest album, Victory Lap, Slauson Sargent, Nipsey Hussle, ventured away from the comfort of California for a promotional pilgrimage to the birthplace of rap, New York City. While in the Big Apple, Nip sat down with the The Breakfast Club as well as Hot 97’s Funk Flex to discuss his new album and the culture surrounding it.

In his Breakfast Club interview that aired Wednesday (Feb. 21), the mogul discussed everything from his relationship with Puffy and Kendrick to the new sound of hip-hop. His response to this new wave is something Nipsey described as “pressure” from the industry to make music that he refers to as “weirdo rap.”

“That aint no diss to nobody specific,” Hussle detailed when asked about a line from his K. Dot assisted track “Dedication.” “It just aint in the direction of what we grew up on… Even to the drug stuff. That was never glorified within rap culture.” Nipsey also went on to speak about West Coast gang culture, its prevalence in his life and his fight against the music industry’s monetization of a lifestyle.

“I don’t want to talk about other people for real. I feel my own way about it, but God bless everybody.” Nipsey said in response to Bronx-native, Cardi B, openly disrespecting the Crips street gang which he is a known member of. But despite the well-wishes, Nipsey does shed a light on a culture his hometown created.

“(What Cardi did) is called being a ‘cell-solider’… someone who talks behind the gate because they know they can’t get touched,” Nipsey explained. “People aren’t using that terminology. That’s self-preservation… we have to speak honestly about things n***as dead and doing life for.”

In addition to this, Nipsey also stopped by Hot 97 where he ripped Funk Flex’s show with a nearly five minute long freestyle. Here, Nipsey humored the feining of Funk Flex by unleashing a freestyle that proves he still has more left in the tank following Victory Lap.

The intellect and passion Nipsey displayed at both Power 105.1 and Hot 97 is the type of fuel that roars to life on Victory Lap. And with several community services and new business ventures on the horizon, those who have followed Hussle’s career closely are excited to the fruition of his visions.