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Listen To 'The Oprah Rose' Podcast With Special Guest Rob Hill Sr.

The girls recently held their first live taping in New York City.

The Oprah Rose feminist podcasters Tiara and Gena became a viral success with the vivacious mantra, "The juxtaposition between being a spiritual and sexually liberated woman is that at some point you’re gonna end up on both knees." And somewhere along filterless streams about scandals, religion and everything in between --- they and their #HoesBeLike Snapchat selfies, continually boast collaborative discussions with pop culture greats. The unlikely recent offender was the Heart Healer, himself, Rob Hill Sr.

VIBE received a front row seat at The Oprah Rose Show's first-ever live taping in New York City. Here are seven envelope-pushing moments from the trio's dialogue. You can also stream the podcast on iTunes now.

1. The Oprah Show: Where was the most unusual place you've had sex?

Rob Hill Sr: In a family restroom in the mall. [Laughs] I was nineteen.

2. The Oprah Rose Show: Name a moment where you felt powerless?

Rob Hill Sr: Between 2014 and 2016, I was battling for my son. If anybody is familiar with family court, it is kind of [restricting]. That was one of the last time's I ever felt powerless. I [feared] I had no control over what was going to happen to me and my son's relationship. I literally left the courtroom choking one day. Thankfully... that worked out to my benefit. I walk my son to school every day.

3. The Oprah Rose Show: What was your worst/best sexual experience?

Rob Hill Sr: I am one of those dudes that don't talk. I am not about to tell anyone.

The Oprah Show: Wrong show!

Rob Hill Sr: There was a smell [once]. That was worst. [I ended up having] something else to do that night. [Laughs] I try to have more good sex than bad sex.

The Oprah Show: The cop-out is the girl I am in love with.

Rob Hill Sr: Yup!

4. The Oprah Show: What is something that you are grateful for today?

Rob Hill Sr: I am grateful for the opportunity to be heard. I get the chance to write to people who don't have to read, to people who don't have to consider what I have to say. For so long, that just wasn't my life.

5. The Oprah Show: Ciara caught flack for telling women to "level up." What is the difference [between] walking in the spirit of a girlfriend and a wife?

Rob Hill Sr: If you are asking how to be a wife, I don't know. [Laughs] That is probably something I am still trying to figure out. However, when you talk about being a wife, or a husband, my understanding of relationships fundamentally has been, this is not somebody you fill the spot [with for a title]. There is a difference between me having a wife and my wife. There is a difference between you having some guy as your husband and the guy that was meant to walk beside you. I try not to make it some happily ever after, forever in love, [or] perfect type of thing. When I think of marriage, I think of it in a very personal context.

6. The Oprah Show: So, you have been married before, [right]?

Rob Hill Sr: I have been in a relationship that planned to head towards in marriage before.

The Oprah Show: So, you have never been married [before]?

Rob Hill Sr: I signed a marriage certificate. [However,] you have to go through the whole process. Anyone that plans to get married, you have to sign the marriage certificate. You have to apply for one.

The Oprah Show: So, there is the marriage certificate, and then obviously, there is a ceremony. But, doesn't signing the marriage certificate make it then legal?

Rob Hill Sr: You have to get a judge, and a pastor to sign it, [too].

The Oprah Show: It is just paperwork. So, no final signatures [on the marriage certificate you signed]?

Rob Hill Sr: No. We don't have to act like a lot of people haven't been talking about it, [or] assume the situation. Now granted, I haven't been eager to clear anything up. I am not that type of guy. In order to talk about a breakup, we'd have to talk about a lot of things that could be considered intimate. As a man, I don't feel like I owe anybody that.

7. The Oprah Show: How do you feel about first date etiquette and sleeping with someone on the first date?

Rob Hill Sr: As far as paying for the date, I think the man should take care of it. If you decide to sleep together, it is perfectly fine. I don't have rules for engagement in that sense, just make sure it is consensual. I've been in a relationship with a woman I slept with on the first date. We lasted nine months.

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