PnB Chizz Adds Another Layer Of Talent To The PnB Crew In New Video, “Grateful”

With PnB Rock making a lane for himself with his melodious raps, Rock’s childhood friend, PnB Chizz (the PnB named after a Philly neighborhood) is ready to embark on his own journey to rap stardom.

After one listen to Chizz’ heartfelt and gritty rhymes, one hears traces of a young Beanie Sigel in his delivery.

“Everyone looks at my accomplishments and compares me to artists who have record deals. These are people who don’t necessarily write all of their own lyrics,” Chizz said via e-mail. “I’m not saying I’m better than these artists or even on their level, but the fact that people are comparing me to them makes me want to go even harder,”

The Affinity Angles-directed video for his new track titled, “Grateful,” is just as raw as the song’s lyrics. Chizz sits in a tidy and junky bedroom plotting his come-up as he recollects about his shortcomings, hard lessons and self-improvement.

“I used cop from my plug/Cut my O’s off a brick/Yeah, I took care of such and such, said we’d always be lit/I used to put myself last….any crib that I had, brought them all into it/I was there frontline, so I took all of the hits,” raps Chizz.

Check out Chizz’ Dirty Plates mixtape below, and watch the video above.