Premiere: Watch Bonita Jalane Take Her Love “Retro” Just For You


Who’s ready for some 90’s lovin’? If you are, Brooklyn’s R&B diva Bonita Jalane is here to provide just the right type of affection for your nostalgia loving self. Taking cues from those great days of Martin and Gina, In Living Color and video games, B.J. shows how she can love you down in a 90’s kinda way. “[“Retro”] best falls in line with the wave I’ve been on, that everyone just jumped on, reminiscing the 80s and 90s feel,” says Bonita Jalane.

With a new album on deck, I Am Bonita Jalane, one can expect this type of flavor and more from the songstress with the pretty smile and big vocals. “I’m back and this project [has so] much growth from my other single, ‘Outta This World.‘” It’s a blast to hear the excitement in an artist ready to release new music to the world. Get your Cross Colours gear, big hoop earrings and hyped up dances on point, as Bonita will be testing your finesse with her upcoming project. “I’m all about taking a journey when you listen to my music,” she pronounces. “So I wanted you to feel the nostalgia when you saw the video. My team and I let our creative juices flow to create the 90’s visuals you see.”