Premiere: Soop’s “Picture Perfect” Leaves The Studio In Flames (Video)

Music Premieres

Columbus, Ohio is known for its well-known Ohio State Buckeyes football team, and Bow Wow. The C.O. isn’t known for much hip-hop. But Columbus’ underground scene is bubbling with raw hip-hop talent.

Enter South Side Columbus native, Soop. The rapper/producer has been getting busy with music for some years now. When one needs to desensitize from the booty shaking, pill popping and flossing on record, Soop brings clever and uplifting wordplay over insanely neck-shaking, and intensely brooding production. Today (Feb 28), the rookie MC drops off a brand new video for his hard-knocking track dubbed, “Picture Perfect.”

Shot by Mr. Victorious, Soop confidently walks into the booth leaves the studio in flames.

“Outside jumper working impeccable/Working two jobs just to bring home the vegetables/Too involved with decimals to be fucking with decibels/They say don’t waste your talent mutherfucker/But I swear it’s a rush, every time I hit the cupboard, stash another $1,000 right behind the liquid butter/In that Fruity Pebble box, make sure that cereal got it covered,” raps Soop.

It’s nothing wrong with making fun and ignorant music. That’s cool. But it’s mentally stimulating when hungry MCs unveil quality hip-hop, where nearly ever word has meaning. Everyone can’t do that. Substance–this is what Soop’s “Picture Perfect” brings to the table.

Watch the video above.