Premiere: TruRebel Migs Taps Cozz On Hard Knock Life Track “Tight Rope”


Some MCs rap. Other MCs lay down their life on wax. Rookie rapper TruRebel Migs does the latter. But most importantly, his life story comes off as authentic, which is an imperative ingredient needed to secure a lasting career as a relevant rapper.

The New York City-bred–L.A.–based MC linked with for the premiere of his contemplative record dubbed, “Tight Rope.” With Dreamville’s Cozz riding shotgun, Migs unleashes a fusillade of rhymes about the everyday struggles of the working-poor and hand-to-hand dope boys.

“Momma need a new house/Baby need new shoes/Live from the gutter like, ”nigga, what would you do’/Walking on that tight rope, doing what we gotta do,” Migs raps on the song’s hook.

Cozz kicks in the back with his usual reality-raps making for an organic collaboration.

“I linked with Cozz through Meez [producer],” Migs tells VIBE via e-mail. “A couple months back, I went to meet Meez at his house to get some production from him. When I went there,  Cozz was chilling in the crib smoking and playing video games. I used some of Meez’s production and showed him a reference track that me and a couple other producers (J Blanked and Marvs Productions) put together. He said that shit was fire, so I asked him if Cozz wanted to get on in. It was the day before Cozz dropped his album and he was busy so I didn’t get to see him this time, but he wrote and threw that verse on the track with the little time he had.”

Migs released his debut mixtape, The Books Of A Gnostic back in 2017. Armed with a seasoned flow, the novice MC shines when he’s rhyming about his street exploits. Even more impressive than his honest-to-god tales, Migs doesn’t rap from a boastful POV, which is golden in a world where rappers brag and lie about their gangsta.

Stream the Mez, JBlanked & Marc’s -produced track below.