Premiere: With VDay In The Air, Haddy Racks ft. Brian Angel of Day26 Share Their "Relationship Goals"

Just run to Instagram right you see all that love in the air? It must be the fact that Valentine's Day is giving license to everyone with a boo to show them off. Haddy Racks, hailing out of the Bronx, is on this same wave with his new single, aptly titled "Relationship Goals." Joined by the crooner of the Day26 R&B brotherhood, Racks and his bro float over the uptempo Rap & B track, produced by Ray Beats. The visuals take you into the union of two people deep into learning each other in a new situation. Denity of Secret Society Motion Pictures made sure to keep the scenes intune with shots from familiar romantic films, try to catch some. In the meantime, see what Haddy Racks wanted to come across with for the groovy release off his full length album, New York Gritty.

Why did you decide to go with this sound and style for the "Relationship Goals" record?

Haddy Racks: When I first heard the beat to "Relationship Goals," it gave me a smooth, jazzy kind of LL Cool J vibe to it. Considering LL's history in the game, I felt like this record would be a perfect way for me to cater to the women in my fan base, especially the ladies who see me in person and be like, "Haddy we love your music, but you are too handsome to be talking all that hardcore music all the time. Give us something we can vibe to as well!" It also gives the fellas a sense of game and some examples on how they should treat their ladies. I just figure this would be the perfect record for me to give them. And of course bringing Brian Angel in to do his thing on the hook was a good move.

What was the inspiration for the video?

When I thought about the video I just wanted it to be really romantic and have a different vibe from all my other music videos. I always felt like nature is one of the romantic things, so we decided to shoot the video near a waterfall in New York. In the video, you will notice little snippets of ducks floating around, and we are just vibin' in our own world by the waterfall. I think that’s a relationship goal for everyone, where it seem that nothing else in the world matters besides enjoying the company of your significant other.  We also wanted to capture that classic '80s/'90s romantic movie feel in this video. We pulled inspiration in the treatment from films like Jason's Lyric, Boomerang and Poetic Justice.

What are your personal relationship goals?

My personal relationship goals are to be happy with my lady, and not just co-exist with one another. I feel like a lot of people are in unhappy relationships year after year because they haven’t had the courage to let one another go. Another one of my relationship goals is to do something new frequently, and not get too comfortable with the same routines. I want me and [my] significant other to keep reminding each other of all the things we love about one another.
We also have to have regular date nights and enjoy each other’s company.  And it's good to spend time apart from one another, just so we're not smothering each other. And last but not least, we have to support each other’s goals. This is major thing for me. No one wants to be with someone who doesn’t take their dreams seriously, and it almost seems to be a competition within the relationship. Once you and your spouse are competing with one another, the relationship is going downhill from there.

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Blueface says he’s “the best lyricist in the game” y’all agree? 👇🎶🤔 @BluefaceBleedEm


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Since the film's release last month, the "Kari's Song" has earned over 1.1 million streams on Spotify and was a curious wonder to Shazam users as it joined the Top 20 most searched songs on the Shazam Global Charts.

At just 17-years-old, Calvin hasn't shown any signs of slowing down. The Chicago native recently released his No Friends EP with the single of the same name earning spots on the Soundcloud Chart.

Offering a fresh sense of lyrical know-how, we're excited to see more from the budding artist.

Check out the video to "Kari's Song (Long Way Home)" below.

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