Raury’s “Odyssey” Takes Fans On An Honest Voyage


Raury doesn’t view the world like your average 21-year old. Instead of one night stands and packed night clubs, he prefers meaningful courtships and long nights in empty recording studios. After recently departing from Columbia Records, he channels his frustrations into a truthful “Odyssey.”

“Here is a song breaking down exactly how I feel in this stage of my life as a light worker in such a dark industry,” Raury says about the new track. The Atlanta artist lets his thoughts run free as he brings listeners up to speed on his scattered rumblings.

“It’s like I’m lost you see/Auctioning off my sanity/Damaging my relationships/Sorry I missed your call it seems/I’m not the boy I was yesterday that’s the words that they claim I changed so they change on me kinda of rich but it rains on me/Somedays but money means nothing but we’re convinced that it does because we’re clubbing, cousins screaming “It’s all about the money!”/And brothers busting each other with guns they love it love it push it to radio feeding it to mind of the public/Dozens and dozens of poison rush over-flooding/Sound is more like a drug affecting and the brain like Robotussin,” raps Raury at the beginning of the track.

Listen to “Odyssey” below.

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