Rolls-Royce Pays Homage To Original 1907 Silver Ghost Model With A Resurgence


Luxury car company Rolls-Royce just announced the release of their new vehicle line called the Silver Ghost Collection. The new design of cars pays homage to the classic 1907 Silver Ghost.

The rides are glazed over in a frigid gray color with 100 percent pure silver particles mixed into the paint job. In an effort to highlight the vehicle’s exclusivity, only 35 of these cars are being made.

“The extraordinary accomplishments of our marque’s founding fathers are honored by the creation of this elegant ‘Silver Ghost Collection,’” said Torsten Müller-Ötvös, Rolls-Royce Chief Executive Officer. “The Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective masterfully weave the rich narrative of the original ‘Silver Ghost’ into just 35 motor cars, creating a contemporary homage to the original motor car. Today, our craftspeople and master artisans continue this legacy of excellence, creating unique motor cars that define luxury.”

Upon entering the car, the aspects of luxury are definitely present. The interior is decked out in forest green, which derives from the original. In 1907, the Silver Ghost was dubbed one of the smoothest cars around. Auto Club described operating the vehicle as “the running of this car at slow speeds is the smoothest thing we have experienced while for the silence the engine beneath the bonnet might be a sewing machine.”

According to, the original 12th 40/50 hp model was made to be the company’s demo (test-run) vehicle. It was painted silver, which is where the company got its name from. The car was used by Charles Rolls and Claude Johnson and amassed a total of 14,371 miles. At the time that was pretty impressive.

What’s even more exciting is the new features the 2018 model will have. Rolls-Royce incorporated a multi-media entertainment system where the rear passengers will view larger screens. The new operating system will respond to speech, meaning you can literally talk to the system instead of controlling it by pressing buttons.

Will the Silver Ghost roll into your life in the near future?