‘Bad Feminist’ Author Roxane Gay Noted The Celebrity Donations To Florida Students And Not BLM


The nation collectively shook its head in dismay last week when 17 people were killed and several others injured in another school shooting, this time in Parkland, Florida. Since then, survivors of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been vocal about their experience and desire to vote out any lawmaker not doing their part to ensure another school shooting doesn’t take place.

George Clooney along with his wife, human rights lawyer Amal pledged a $500,000 donation to the “March For Our Lives” demonstration organized by surviving members of the Florida school shooting. Soon after, Oprah took to Twitter and announced she would match the Clooney’s donation, and went as far as to say the students in Florida reminded her of the Freedom Riders in the 1960s.

It didn’t take long for some on social media to notice the warm reception the students in Florida were receiving compared to the young people of Black Lives Matter who marched after the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Michael Brown in Ferguson and LaQuan McDonald in Chicago and elsewhere across the nation. Among those were Bad Feminist author and New York Times columnist, Roxane Gay who acknowledged the strength of Florida students, as well as protesters nationwide.

There were some who understood the connection the Untamed State author made, while there were others who assumed both scenarios were different. What do you think? Does Gay make a valid point or is she reaching? Sound off in the comments below.