Press Secretary Sarah Sanders Explains Donald Trump’s Parkland School Shooting Remark


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders is cleaning up Donald Trump’s recent comment on the shooting massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (Feb. 14). On Monday (Feb. 26), Trump boldly stated that he would’ve “ran into” the Florida school even if he was weaponless where 19-year-old gunman, Nikolas Cruz, killed 17 people. Scot Peterson, the school’s resource officer, also came under fire for remaining idle while Cruz terrorized those inside, and his actions were deemed “disgusting” by Trump.

Now, Sanders provides clarification of what the president’s statement actually means. “I think that he was just stating as a leader he would’ve stepped in and hopefully been able to help,” Sanders said during a White House press conference (Feb. 26). “A number of the individuals that were in the school, like the coach and a number of other adults, and even some students stepped up and helped protect other students. I think the point he was making was that he would’ve wanted to play a role.”

When a reporter asked if Trump was trained to carry a firearm, Sanders said there were a lot of people that day who were successful in helping out without the use of guns.

While her assessment seems to present one thing, Trump expressed the need of giving “adept teachers” firearms to further protect students.