Slim Thug Learns From His Mistakes In “The World Is Yours” (Video)


Like the veteran he is, Slim Thug understands the ever-evolving music industry. He also knows that in order to progress as a businessman in the treacherous rap game, he has to mature.

In his “TWIY” video, the Houston king takes inspiration from the iconic, drug-fueled movie, Scarface. Similar to the film’s protagonist, Thugga and his cabinet occupy a mansion that bears a likeness to Tony Montana’s Miami fortress while the song’s lyrics describe his mindset when it comes to acquiring and sustaining wealth.

This track shows the transition in Slim Thug’s mindset with lyrics like, “all my Ace of Spade days way in the past / I only celebrate birthday and f**k off the cash / kept spending but a hustler had to invest / f**k f****n’ off the cash trying to stay fresh.” “TWIY” is bookended with audio from the 1983 film in a way that enforces this morality with the video showing his ascension into this next chapter of his career. Pay attention to his personal and fiscal maturation.

Watch Slim Thug’s video for “TWIY”: