Barista Therapy: Sylvan LaCue Whips Up Caffé Lattes At Ludlow Coffee Supply

“I still want to open up my own coffee shop called “Wise Cup,” says rapper Sylvan LaCue about his other dream while whipping up a mean caffé latte at New York City’s Ludlow Coffee Supply. “I started out working at Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland, and I had a real affinity for coffee — and I still do.”

Before he took on the full job of artist, the Miami native became a passionate barista while working part time to afford studio time and earn rent money. In fact, the first song he recorded for his emotional sophomore album is aptly titled “Coffee Break.” Unlike most rappers, he prefers numerous cups of high quality Joe over blunts and lean when it’s time to record.

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Sylvan traveled long and far to find himself musically. What started out as a mission to be heard by the world turned into a career that allows him to fully express himself without a shred of doubt. Formerly known as “QuEST,” Sylvan recently introduced more melodic records with very personal layers of lyricism woven into his stories. With his newly released album Apologies in Advance, the young poet is pushing his matured artistry to the masses.

“It’s very in-your-face, and we’re going to get into some sh*t. In terms of crafting the album, I was definitely inspired by JAY-Z’s 4:44,” Sylvan tells VIBE about the early stages of his latest release. “JAY’s transparency and his ability to step off his pedestal inspired me.”

On the project, LaCue lets all of his insecurities, self doubts and unfiltered opinions on life and love run free. Instead of looking to nail records for the social media crowd and churn out mindless club singles, the soft spoken rapper uses tracks like “Empathy” and “Perfect Imperfections” to keep it brutally honest about his shortcomings — which we all share — whether we’re willing to admit it or not.

“It was like let’s have a group therapy session,” says the Miami native about his mindset going into the recording process. Sylvan wants his listeners to use the album as a cushion for the days when our minds are filled with dark thoughts.

Watch his full “Coffee Break” with VIBE above.

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