Symone Sanders Leaves Don Lemon In Stitches After The CNN Anchor Tries To Discuss Omarosa


Symone Sanders is not a woman to be trifled with as she’s proven she can hold her own against any political foe. However, the 28-year-old put professional decorum to the side for just a moment when CNN’s Don Lemon while going over the day’s top stories attempted to switch gears to discuss former White House aide Omarosa.

Sanders, donning her trademark red lipstick quickly let it be known she didn’t want to waste a single moment speaking on Manigault-Newman, “Don, it’s Black History Month. We gotta talk about Omarosa?” Sanders questioned. “Alright.”

Despite his best efforts Lemon couldn’t fight back his giggles as Sanders, albeit comedically but very seriously, questioned why they would discuss Omarosa.

“I’m just saying. It is Black History Month ok?” Sanders explained. “Carter G. Woodson did not go to the mat to get Negro History Week that eventually turned into Black History Month for us to talk about Omarosa and her apology tour and her attempt to salvage her reputation on a reality television show. Not during Black History Month, Don!”

Omarosa who was fired from the White House and is now on Celebrity Big Brother has changed her tune about Donald Trump, going as far as to say she would never vote for Trump and that she’s been haunted by his tweets.

Either way Sanders isn’t interested in what Omarosa has to say . Watch the humorous exchange below.