Taylor Bennett Demands His Worth On New Single “Minimum Wage”

Chance The Rapper has spoken a few times about his gospel influences, and it’s safe to say that the gospel-soul bug has descended upon the entire Bennett household. The youngest of the Bennett brothers, Taylor, announced the release of his new single, “Minimum Wage” on Saturday (Feb.24), two days before his Restoration of an American Idol Tour.

The upbeat song is accompanied by that comfortable cross between singing and rapping with a speedy flow and hi-hats. The upcoming video will be directed by Cole Bennett of Lyrical Lemonade, who is known for working with artists like Famous Dex and Lil Xan. The song, while it features Taylor’s warm stylistic vocals, is no gospel, though. He raps about the money he’s paid having to match the work he puts in. “I cannot work for no minimum wage,” he laments on the hook. The rapper has acknowledged the similarity between his and his brother’s sound in the past but sets himself apart with an approach to mixing. He is his own person.

Bennett has already developed a healthy list of collaborators, having already worked with the likes of Donnie Trumpet, King Louie, and of course, Chance The Rapper. Talent can’t be faked, and the 22-year-old is headed for greatness. The first stop on Bennett’s tour is Washington, D.C., starting today (Feb. 26), but if you missed that, you still have 28 more chances. (His tour ends on Apr. 5.)