Gym Teacher Accused Of Assaulting Student For Not Standing During Pledge of Allegiance

A gym teacher from Colorado has been placed on paid administrative leave after claims that she assaulted a student who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

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Times Call reports the incident took place Thursday (Feb. 1) at Angevine Middle School. Police arrived at the school just before noon to investigate a report of a teacher assaulting a student who was refusing to stand for the pledge. Details and the identity of the child are currently under wraps. Smith is a 20-year veteran of the school and is reportedly known for being strict towards students, but has never had any problems with them or the staff.

Policy from Boulder Valley School District allows students to either sit or stand during the pledge. In a letter to students from Principal Mike Medina, the administration confirmed Smith was placed on paid administrative leave and a substitute will take over “for the time being.”

“We are dedicated, as always, to supporting our students and ensuring that we have qualified educators working with them during their physical education time,” the letter also stated.

Parents spoke to reporters off camera expressing disappointment believe the incident has been blown out of proportion. Smith has found allies who are supporters of the pledge online.

An investigation into the incident is still ongoing by the Lafayette Police Department. No charges have been filed.

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