Brooklyn Rapper Tekashi69 Gets Into A Scuffle At LAX Airport


Rapper 6ix9nine loves to boast about how gangsta he is. There are more than a few cats who are waiting to test the Brooklyn rapper’s knuckle game. Well, video footage of two men wanting to catch a fade with 6ix9nine outside of LAX airport has hit ‘Net

The video, captured by TMZ,  shows two unknown men inviting 6ix9nine’s crew to a fight by pointing fingers in their face and yelling insults. What looks to be 6ix9Nine’s security urged the rapper to stay clear of the two men. After a brief shouting match, punches were thrown. The 21-year-old rapper tried to help his crew, to no avail.

When asked about the fight by TMZ, 6ix9ine said, “his face was broken. Everybody want to make a name for themselves. I don’t think they came for me. Nobody want to come for me.”

6ix9ine contined:
“I’m moving calm. It’s all cool. I got to keep a smile on my face, because all of this shit is funny to me. I’ma keep trolling these niggas. I’m not that hard to find.