Body Cameras Catch Sheriff Bragging About Killing Unarmed Man: ‘I Love This Sh*t’

“I love this sh*t…I thrive on it.”

The body camera’s of White County deputies, recorded these words as a Tennessee sheriff’s reaction to learning his deputies shot and killed an unarmed man. According to the New York Daily News, the disturbing audio was revealed in court as the family of Michael Dial is suing White County Sheriff, Oddie Shoupe, claiming excessive force was used in the shooting of 33-year-old Dial.

The civil suit comes after Shoupe’s actions were found to be justified by the district attorney despite the recording proving the sheriff sent an order to kill as a means to protect his police vehicles from damage.

“I said, ‘Don’t ram him, shoot him,’ ” Shoupe said on footage after engaging in a 17-mile chase with Dial’s truck and loaded trailer going a maximum of 50 miles per hour. “F**k that sh*t, ain’t gonna tear my cars up. But I got two cars tore up again.”

As a result of the recordings, the lawsuit filed by Dial’s wife Robin Spainhoward describes Shoupe’s orders as “not only inappropriate but also unconscionable,” stating: “the decision to order the use of deadly force when not physically present to evaluate the situation speaks volumes as to the malicious and sadistic mindset of Sheriff Shoupe.”

A claim that was reinforced as the body camera caught the arrogant Shoupe boasting about his “unmatched” authority to his employee. “Let me tell you something,” he gloated. “If they don’t think I’ll give the order to kill that m**********r, they’re full of sh*t.”

While Shoupe’s recorded hubris makes this civil suit seems like a clear victory for Dial’s family, it is clear from Spainhoward’s remarks to the local news station that nothing can compensate the loss of a loved one.

“When I wake up every day and he’s not there, it’s like going through it all over again,” She explained. “I just hope he knows I loved him.”