Tevin Campbell Responds To Rumors Of Sexual Assault At The Hands Of Quincy Jones

Quincy Jones caused quite a stir online this week after not only spilling the tea, but dumping the entire beverage about several entertainment figures in an interview. These revelations caused many Internet users to flip the script and dig up perceived dirt on the legendary music producer.

One of the long-standing rumors that made rounds after the Vulture piece gained traction was that the Grammy-winning artist molested R&B singer Tevin Campbell when Campbell was still a minor. Campbell, who Jones called an “underrated” musician in the Vulture interview, took to Twitter to address the rumors after they began to resurface.

“Now Im trending folks will really say some disgusting things,” the “Can We Talk” singer said. “‘Tevin was molested by Quincy’…GTFOH wit the devil,” he continued. Several laughing emojis accompanied the tweet.

Campbell also tweeted a quote from Jones: “God is pushing the bad in our face to make us fight back.”

Elsewhere in the Vulture interview, Jones states how The Beatles were the “worst musicians in the world,” that he dated Ivanka Trump 12 years ago, and that Marlon Brando slept with other male entertainers such as James Baldwin and Richard Pryor.

The latter claim was confirmed by Pryor’s widow, Jennifer, who has said her husband would have no shame in Jones’ comments. However, Pryor’s daughter refutes the statement.