TDE’s CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith Hosts ‘Black Panther’ Screening For Watts Children


Celebrities have been gearing up for Marvel’s Black Panther premiere by renting out theatres for underprivileged children and their parents. Now, another public figure is stepping up to give them this memorable access. TDE’s CEO, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith hosted a screening for kids living in the housing projects in Los Angeles, TMZ reports.

Tiffith is making it possible for 1,000 kids from three different Watts housing projects to see the movie after securing five shows in three different theatres for Saturday (Feb. 17). All the children have to do is to go to their respective housing development offices for the tickets.

He joins the likes of award-winning actress Octavia Spencer, host Ellen DeGeneres and more recently rapper T.I., as they have all either given away tickets or rented out theatres for the highly-anticipated movie.

This movie may hit home for the CEO as he helped artist Kendrick Lamar beautifully curate and produce the record-breaking Black Panther soundtrack. Regardless, at least more children will get to see a superhero who looks like them.