Premiere: RMC Star King Hoodie Releases Video For New Single, “Anatomy”

Back in October of 2017, I was asked to be a panelist on Diddy’s Revolt Music Conference “Hip-Hop vs. Trump” panel in Miami Beach, Florida. Due to the line up of media editors and hip-hop artists like T.I., Joey Badass, David Banner and Mysonne, the buzz around the panel was crazy. Yet, one artist, King Hoodie, made the biggest impact on me and happened to make his name known the day before at the “I Am The Record Company” panel.

As the panel winded down and the floor was opened for questions from the audience, the segment was cut short by one person. This left King Hoodie standing in the request line alone and dejected with his time to speak gone. Yet, pleading from K.H. and chants from the crowd to let him speak got louder. The producer of the segment was forced to walk back and give Hoodie the mic to speak his piece.

He asked, “Can I do a quick 16 bars?” Although he was met with a few groans, once he started spitting about his home county of Dade County home and what makes it dope regardless of its issues, he rocked the spot! Many crowded around hime after he spit 32 bars. Some stood to their feet and the panelists all kicked it with him after. I had a great talk with him later in the day, and had a new journalist interview him.

It’s moments like this that make me love this crazy industry. Seeing him fight for his shine and rocking it is what hip-hop is about. The crafting of your talent to finally get shine is the ultimate validation of hard work and creativity that can change a life.

Now we find Hoodie, still on his grind and presenting new music and visuals to go with it. His newest single, “Anatomy” swings with mellow flow and intricate lyrical gems in a rapid-fire shot pattern.

“When I first heard the beat I felt like making it just an interlude with some spoken word on it,” says Hoodie. “The second time I heard it, I had this crazy idea. I thought, what if God told me to write a song for him? What would it sound like? So, from that idea, I wrote ‘Anatomy.’ Having thoughts that travel to the infinite corners of the mind will bring you to what is now the song in a spirit of high powers at work.”

Hoodie continues, “If God asked me to write a song, this is exactly what it would sound like. Not real religious, Just a lot of breaking down in scientific terms why we are what we are. Thanks to my creative director AppelJax, we made the song sound amazing with the help of Miami Beat Wave who produced the beat, and Chris Dean who slayed the guitar solo on it. It’s a creative song for the people and I hope they feel it the same way we do.”

Respect his grind and find his music on all streaming platforms.