Waka Flocka Claims Lil Pump Stole His Sound, Calls Him “Albino Waka Flocka”

Waka Flocka always speaks his mind, and rarely holds back even on hot button issues. Recently, he opened about Gucci Mane’s claims in his autobiography, but this week he gave interviewer Domenick Nati his opinion on rap’s current hot-boy Lil Pump.

“Lil Pump raps about the shit I’ve been rapping about on my last 30-plus old CDs,” replied Waka when asked if he would ever collaborate with the rapper. He continued, “Same shit, same way on my same sounding beat. Lil Pump is like a white Waka Flocka. Excuse me, not white, an albino Waka Flocka.”

If you compare Waka’s early work with Lil Pump’s current hits, the similarities are definitely identifiable, but that can be said for many of today’s popular rappers. Recycling sounds in rap is nothing new, if you go back and study the history of hip-hop, you’ll notice many musical trends reappear every 5 years or so.

(via P&P)