Wale Sends A Friendly Reminder About His Microphone Prowess On “Staying Power”


After revealing his ill feelings for Valentine’s Day on his new song titled, “All Star Breakup,” Wale returns with a brand new record dubbed, “Staying Power,” where he confirms that he’s no longer on Atlantic Records as well as drops hints that he’s one of the best MCs in the game.

In true Wale fashion, the MMG artist combines personal stories with braggadocio.

“Nah really? Who fucking with me?/Folarin, the godbody flow’/The godfather himself/Rest in Peace to Chuck Brown/He said, “Young man, when it’s your time, you’ll have the whole nation’s capital and the surrounding towns and burroughs to be following you/Well you and I know its only kinda true
It’s more like, “You shining lil dude, see see there a lot life limits about to come through, but if your run Joe, and bust loose and grind, grind, grind, them lemons are set up, you will get some juice,” raps the D.C. native.

In April 2017, Wale released his fifth studio album, Shine, which was the follow-up to 2015’s The Album About Nothing. TAAN was a continuation of his Seinfeld-inspired mixtape series, and one of Wale’s best projects to date. The album debuted No.1 on Billboard 200.

Wale spoke to Billboard about the recording process of TAAN.

“The music industry. You can say I’m sensitive, but music is why I live. Other people have kids or a strong woman in their lives; all I have is my music. I constantly work my ass off and I’m not in these magazines — all I can go by is the people and what they say. People ask, “Why do you check social-media comments?” But what else do I have, bro? I don’t get no major articles. Nobody talks about Wale like that. So what do you do when you’re busting your ass and taking pills to stay up and be able to provide the right energy, and you’re not seeing the proper response?”

Listen to “Staying Power” below.