Watch As BK’s Cavalier Shows It’s “Open Season” On Some Of Us Out Here

When you have a low tolerance for bullshit lyrics and half-ass beats, sometimes your only option is to take matters in your own hands…make dope music and release it to the world when your soul says it’s time. That’s exactly what Brooklyn native, but world repper/rapper Cavalier has done with his newest single, “Open Season” off his upcoming third album, Private Stock.

Working with production genius and frequent collaborator on the music in Iman Omari, the pair continues the spiritual vibes from their glorious 2015 effort, Lemonade EP. With both projects mainly recorded in New Orleans, a certain gumbo soul is tapped when you listen to Cav and Iman.  On “Open Season” muddy basslines, twangy guitars, flat slat snare sounds and wavy melodies abound. The lyrics speak in a smoke driven code that if deciphered one can hear the message of rebel rightgeousness and shouts to Brooklyn battle rap personalities in the bars.

Directed with a keen eye on revolutionary symbols and sights of black power by Vashni Korin, the visuals for “Open Season” also represent unfair social issues that happened to the very people that are in the video. It also speaks to, as Cav explains, “the movement that sparked the discussion to remove the Confederate monuments across America. The scenes in the beginning of the video are of when they were preparing to remove the Robert E. Lee statue from Lee Circle.”

It’s amazing to be able to make, “layered, rich Hip-Hop that honors the culture,” states Cav. Be on the look out for more, but for now, enjoy the music and visuals.

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