Audience Member Confesses To Wendy She’s Been Sleeping With Boyfriend’s Best Friend

The tea spilled into the audience of The Wendy Williams show recently when an audience member confessed on live television she was sleeping with her boyfriend’s closest friend.

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The very cringe moment happened Thursday (Feb. 1), during the light-hearted “Ask Wendy” portion of the daytime talk show. Most of the time, audience members seek parenting advice or tips on how to resolve minimal issues in their lives.

The first batch of stories were simple, with one man sharing how he made out with a salesperson and another weary of how to have “the talk” with her teenage son. Next was Kristen from Baltimore who overshared her love life. The audience member was dating a fellow for three years and began seeing his best friend last year. “It kind of just happened,” she said. “He came over to drop some things off and it’s been happening.” She wasn’t interested in Wendy helping her in ending the love triangle. Instead of getting advice on how to keep it going, she was brought back to the harsh realities of double standards by Wendy.

“You won’t be able to have both,” Wendy explained. “The bros will stick with each other, and they will throw you to the curb. Like childish men do, you will be the one with the scarlet letter. But it doesn’t matter since you’re on TV confessing so, oh well.”


Check out the entire segment below.

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