White Teen Who Lied About Being Raped And Kidnapped By Three Black Men Will Likely Avoid Prison


Last year, Breana Harmon walked into a North Texas church bruised and confused and told officers she’d been kidnapped and raped by three black men wearing ski masks. The accusations led police on a wild manhunt to find the men responsible for the crime.

However, after a few days of questioning black men in the area, noting Harmon’s bruises were not consistent with the crime she alleged that had been committed, and a nurse not finding any physical evidence to match a sexual attack, Harmon eventually confessed she’d made the whole thing up.

According to reports, A Grayson County grand jury indicted the 19-year-old on four charges including three felonies. Harmon was originally arrested in March 2017 for a false report to a peace officer, but after examining the circumstances further, realized more serious penalties were warranted.

Harmon faced up to 30 years in prison because of the charges leveled against her, but will likely avoid any jail time. Harmon’s lawyer Bob Jarvis said his client is deeply sorry, and will request she either be placed on probation or a or deferred-adjudication probation. In Texas, a deferred adjudication means Harmon will enter a guilty plea and upon a successful completion of certain time period, will result in the case being dismissed.

On March 8, 2017, Harmon ran into the church wearing ripped jeans and told officers of her alleged rape and kidnapping. However, Harmon later recanted and said she and her fiance got into a fight and the wounds she had were self-inflicted. Scared her mother would be upset that she ripped her own jeans, Harmon instead lied and said she was kidnapped and raped by three black men.

When asked why Harmon would make up the story, Jarvis said his client responded “without thinking.” Harmon will be sentenced March 20.